What People Say

AW, homeless in Holborn

‘Being on the street makes it very difficult to think about work, if you know that you have to find somewhere to put your gear. I know people who have got around this in ingenious ways, but it is not easy.'

Nikki Barnett, Project Manager, C4WS

Street Storage has been a real lifeline for our guests this season, so thank you for the amazing service you provide.

MT, ex-street sleeper, Islington and Camden

‘A big thumbs up for this new, well thought out, safe-to-lay-your-burden-down-a-while initiative helping people in need, an obvious n.f.a missing link now that it's being fixed.'

Street Storage in the Media

Islington Gazette

Islington Tribune


Kind Words

Islington Street Sleeper

'A secure and safe space to store my gear is an absolute Godsend to me because it is exhausting continually carrying a massive load on my back. and it wears you down and depletes your energy - you are constantly having to worry about stuff being nicked in day centres or elsewhere. Also. I have a soft tissue injury in my knee which has never been able to heal because of the load that I am carrying.


Recently I was stopped coming out of an IKEA store where I had used their cafe - I looked perfectly respectable but was stopped because of my rucksack, which they wanted to search. Also, many people who are homeless make a point of trying to carry on a normal life with normal activities which bring us into contact with people who might offer work or accommodation. In my case I am doing some research for something I am trying to write, which means that I need to use the British Library and the Wellcome Library. I can't take a rucksack into these places, which means I usually have to ask a friend - which is very time-consuming and puts strain on the friendship. Also. I have stuff stored in several different places in London. Not ideal but I have nowhere else to put it.'

Sarah Turley

Kind Words

Islington Council Street Population 


'Street Storage is a great concept – especially for rough sleepers who have difficulties in engaging with traditional services and who are resistant to come inside. It offers an opportunity to engage with the person where they are in control – i.e. they come to the storage unit and this small amount of time allows the opportunity to build a trusting relationship where brief interventions can happen, which can be built upon.  It also means that people can store their documents safely – which is a major issue that prolongs people’s homelessness, if they have to apply for replacements. We are excited by this pilot in Islington and hope that the pilot can be expanded in order to support more people.’

Daniela Sbrisny

Kind Words

Crisis Services Supervisor, The Margins Project

‘The most common thing they (rough sleepers) speak about is losing or being robbed of their belongings. As people need to carry all/often the most important documents with them they are not very safe. Lost IDs etc mean expensive replacements, which people often cannot afford and it really holds them up from achieving goals, finding work, being referred to shelters or temporary accommodation and/or applying for benefits.’

Janet McKnight

Kind Words

Lead Worker Safe Connections, ThamesReach

'I think the service, you and the organisation Street Storage is amazing, and I commend all those for making it happen . Too often items of importance are lost almost as a by-product of homelessness.'


Kind Words

Sector Professional

'This would be a key intervention moment for outreach workers/referrals to agencies if people come direct to you without having yet entered the rough sleeping 'pathway' of their local authority.  It would also be important for them to know particularly if they are non-UK nationals of the need to carry a photocopy of their immigration status document otherwise they could be arrested by UKBA.'


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